"Changing the Mindset, Not the Game"

StopConcussions Logo

Shift is a proud supporter of the StopConcussions Foundation, a concussion awareness initiative founded by former Philadelphia Flyers Captain Keith Primeau and former European professional hockey player, Kerry Goulet.

StopConcussions is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting global awareness, and educating the public on concussion prevention and management. Their mandate is to address the growing trend of concussions in all sports and to provide awareness and education to players, parents, coaches, officials, and health professionals. StopConcussions and the Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO) are the founding partners of the Shoot for a Cure fundraising campaign. They both have shared interests, as the CSRO funds research for a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries and StopConcussions is an educational and prevention outlet for brain injuries, such as concussions. Together, the two organizations raised funds for neurotrauma injuries, most notably launched the Safe4Sports Program, developed by Malcolm Sutherland.

Four Pillars of StopConcussions

Step 1 - Education

Education is a vital component to the prevention and proper management of this injury. It’s about reaching out to all those affected: players, parents, teachers, coaches, trainers, officials, administrators, and healthcare providers. It will require a village approach to change the current mindset and provide a safer playing environment for today’s youth.

Step 2 - Prevention

Stopconcussions has recently launched it’s new Safe4Sports Skill development and Prevention Platform. Safe4Sport is the WHAT, WHY and HOW in the prevention of neurotrauma injuries in sport. It is the guide to implementation of a safe for sport program and answers most questions when it comes to participating in sport for a lifetime.

The Safe4Sport Prevention Program manual is a resource to support sport leaders in creating safe environments in which players can thrive. The manual highlights a philosophical framework, hockey concepts and specific examples. The manual offers a tangible step forward so that sport leaders can act as “catalysts of change” and the champions of a better and safer game.

Kerry Goulet and Malcolm Sutherland, have been traveling internationally to put the prevention manual into action. Showcasing the drills and different techniques to help make sport safe again.

Through this education and sport-specific platform, the StopConcussions Foundation aims to change the mindset of the participants from the “grassroots” level and up - globally. Website resources, and on-location seminars allow StopConcussions the ability to instill the principles of respect and safe play values in sport today.

Step 3 - Management

It is as important to manage a concussion, as it is to diagnose it. If a concussion does occur, StopConcussions wants to be there for the athlete or individual. This is where Shift Concussion Management comes into play – providing a high standard of care for athletes and individuals across many different sports and many different regions. Concussion management requires a team approach across all disciplines of healthcare.

Step 4 - Research

Since concussions are virtually invisible injuries it is?important to continue research in this area. Through establishing the StopConcussions network of specially trained researchers and qualified healthcare professionals, the sporting community is significantly enhanced to effectively assess and treat concussed athletes.

To learn more about the StopConcussions Foundation and their ongoing initiatives, visit their website today (stopconcussions.com).