Our courses are geared specifically toward medical and rehabilitation providers working in the healthcare industry. Please see a full summary of our current course offerings below.

Shift Concussion Management currently offers a collection of courses and education streams for Health Professionals ranging from introductory concepts in concussion management to advanced rehabilitation concepts and complex case management. Shift's current provider network is comprised of the following provider categories (based on level of training and clinical experience).

Shift Concussion Management Level 1 Provider

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Practitioners who have successfully completed Shift’s introductory course, “Best Practices in Concussion Management” and receive additional resources on a regular basis to stay up to date with the research, as well as new assessment and rehabilitation techniques for concussion. Level 1 Providers are encouraged to pursue further education and training to refine and develop their skills in the field, and are required to return to a Shift Course every other year for continuing education.

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Shift Concussion Management Level 2 Provider

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Practitioners who have successfully completed advanced courses in concussion rehabilitation techniques and complex case management. These members have accumulated significant clinical experience through individual caseload, and have participated in casework and/or shadowing with one or several of Shift’s Instructors and Mentors. These practitioners typically work in an interdisciplinary environment or as part of a healthcare team and utilize multiple disciplines to aid in the care of complex/persistent cases. Level 2 providers are also required to pursue ongoing continuing education and stay up-to-date on the research, as well as new assessment and rehabilitation techniques.

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