Meet our Practitioners, Instructors, and Advisory Board Members.

Photo of Dr. Liapounova

Dr. Natalia Liapounova


Medical Advisor,
Shift Concussion Management Program

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Dr Natalia Liapounova (MSc, MD, FRCPC) is a Calgary-based community pediatric neurologist (seeing new referrals up to 25 years of age), offering a multitude of services including the diagnosis, treatment and management of post-concussive syndrome. She is able to facilitate return to sport guidelines and manage support services as needed.

Dr Liapounova has a MSc Neuroscience from the University of Calgary. She completed medical school at the University of Calgary, and finished her residency in Pediatric Neurology at the Stollery Children's Hospital, University of Alberta, Edmonton. She has returned to Calgary to work as a community neurologist at MyKidz Pediatric Clinic, where she strives to provide friendly, professional service and short wait-lists.

Photo of Dr. Mitchell

Dr. Gary Mitchell


Medical Advisor,
Shift Concussion Management Program

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Dr Gary Mitchell (MB, BaO, FACEM) is a Australian-based Emergency and Trauma Unit Physician. Current Appointments include:

  • Staff Specialist - Emergency and Trauma Unit- Royal Brisbane and Wom en's Hospital 
  • Staff Specialist- Redland Hospital Emergency Department
  • Fellowship- Pre-hospital and Disaster Medicine
  • Associate lecturer- University of Queensland
  • Match-day /Head injury Assessment Doctor - Australia Rugby Union, Queensland Reds 
  • Team Doctor- Queensland Country Rugby Team, Brothers Rugby Club

Concussion Interest- having played rugby up to provincial and international level in Ireland, I moved to Brisbane, Australia to play club rugby and work in Emergency Medicine. Over time, I have been giving back to the game with medical support and have seen a huge disparity in how professional players are managed compared to grassroots players who often end up in the Emergency departments. 

I am involved in research in Brisbane looking into early exercise post concussion and recruitment for studies into biomarker and fMRI analysis.

Photo of Scott Haller

Scott Haller

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

President and Lead Instructor,
Shift Concussion Management Program

Owner, Shift Rehabilitation at Arbour (Guelph, ON)

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Since earning his degree in Osteopathic Manipulation at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Holistic Health Science in 2004, Scott has earned a reputation in his field that is second to none. Early in his career, Scott joined the medical rehabilitation staff of both the NHL's Edmonton Oilers and their affiliate team, the Hamilton Bulldogs - an experience that has paved the way for a successful and fulfilling career in sports injury management.

Scott’s most recent project includes the development of an advanced protocol for the assessment and management of concussions – The SHIFT Concussion Management Program. This comprehensive program provides Healthcare Providers throughout Canada with evidence-based concussion management strategies that can be directly applied to their patients whether it sport, work, motor vehicle, or other accident-related head injury. Shift Concussion Management takes pride in serving as a Center for education and training for Health Professionals wishing to advance their knowledge in the area of concussion management. Scott has also received advanced education in vestibular assessment and therapeutic techniques out of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as training in Pittsburgh, PA through time spent with internationally renowned Neuropsychologist Dr. Michael “Micky” Collins. Scott is currently a Credentialed ImPACT (Immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing) Consultant (CIC).

As a result of his diverse training, Scott has an array of specialties spanning from generalized osteopathic treatment, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, vestibular therapy, to concussion management.

In addition to balancing a busy clinic schedule at his Guelph location, Scott lends his time speaking to sports organizations, hospitals, schools, and medical clinics throughout the province on the topic of concussion management.

Photo of Kailin Walter

Kailin Walter
BSc.(Hons), DC

Director of Program Development, Instructor,
Shift Concussion Management Program

Clinician, Shift Rehabilitation at Arbour (Guelph, ON)

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Kailin completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph in 2006. After receiving treatment for numerous sports injuries suffered in competition, she was inspired to pursue her Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC) at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. She graduated with top honours, and completed additional certifications in Graston Technique® (an instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy treatment method), and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (McMaster University). Kailin subscribes to an interdisciplinary model of healthcare, and integrates the latest evidence based practices into her therapeutic approach.

Kailin has been instrumental in the development and delivery of the Shift Concussion Management Program in Ontario, and serves as a clinician and instructor alongside President, Scott Haller. She has completed advanced clinical training in the implementation of all aspects of Shift’s program, with particular emphasis in the area of binocular vision disorders in post-concussion syndrome. Kailin has also completed advanced training in ImPACT (Immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing), the most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion management tool, and is currently a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC).

In addition, Kailin has undergone formal training in the burgeoning field of Vision Therapy through a variety of programs and has spent a significant amount of time working with, and shadowing Dr. Patrick Quaid (OD, FCOVD, PhD) at his Guelph Vision Therapy Institute.

Photo of Rachael Grafe

Rachael Grafe
BSc (Kin), BAHSc. (AT), R. Kin, CAT(C)

Member Relations Coordinator, Instructor,
Shift Concussion Management Program

Clinician, Shift Rehabilitation at Arbour (Guelph, ON)

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Rachael holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, and a High Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Science Degree in Athletic Therapy from Sheridan College. During her time as a student Rachael had received many awards and scholarships for her academic achievements. She had the privilege to work with high-level athletes at the National Ballet of Canada, Rugby Canada, the University of Guelph and both Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Upon completing her degrees, Rachael became a Certified Athletic Therapist and a Registered Kineisiologist. She remains actively involved in sports therapy at both the professional and amateur levels.

Rachael has been with Shift since 2014, assessing and treating both musculoskeletal and concussion injuries. Rachael takes a special interest in the administration and organization of baseline testing initiatives for large sport organizations, as well as the physical exertion component of concussion management and post-injury care. Recently, Rachael has also taken on a clinical support role as a Member Relations Coordinator for Shift Concussion Management. Rachael’s role is to help members trouble-shoot baseline testing, exertion testing and any clinical questions they may have.

Photo of Ryan Sleik

Ryan Sleik

Instructor, Shift Concussion Management Program

Owner, Creekside Physiotherapy (Kimberley, BC)

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After graduating from McMaster University in 2003, Ryan worked for 2 years in Guelph Ontario with the Arbour Health Group and then moved back home to the East Kootenay's in BC. He owns Creekside Physiotherapy a multidisciplinary clinic in Kimberley.

Ryan worked on research in the relationship between attention and anxiety and their effects on motor control and balance and has worked in treating vestibular disorders and balance issues for the past 15 years. He completed his Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation at Emory University in Atlanta.

Ryan joined the Shift Concussion Management Group in 2015 and has integrated concussion management into his practice. His background in vestibular rehabilitation and pain management has been an asset in working with post-concussive disorders.

Photo of Katy Cournoyer

Katy Cournoyer

Director of Business Development
Shift Concussion Management

Director of Business Development, Shift Rehabilitation At Arbour (Guelph, ON)

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Katy holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in Sociology from the University of Guelph. Following her time at University, she pursued a career Supervising at Guelph Medical Imaging. It was during her time at GMI that she worked with several teams during their training camps in Guelph, facilitating their imaging needs, coordinating schedules and understanding the nature of their injuries. This ultimately lead her to pursue another career path with Shift Concussion Management. Katy brings a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to the team.

As Director of Business Development at Shift Concussion Management, Katy is the initial point of contact for Shift’s affiliates, network members and clients, working alongside Shift’s healthcare team and accounting department to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Katy currently resides in Kitchener, Ontario and is thrilled to accompany Shift Concussion Management on their path to becoming the gold standard of concussion care.