Level 2: Applied Clinical Skills (Live)

**We're Back!!!! Join us for our 2023 new and improved live courses. Spaces are limited!

Research suggests that individuals that suffer from prolonged concussion symptomatology (greater than one month) stand to benefit from active, and interdisciplinary concussion treatment strategies. Symptom trajectories in this patient population are complex, however with specific and objective assessment strategies, a variety of individualized rehabilitation approaches can be effective.

The live Level 2 course event covers an array of topics ranging from PPCS pathophysiology; vestibular and ocular impairment, assessment and treatment; cervicogenic involvement and treatment interventions; post-traumatic headache management; cognitive-fatigue and sleep considerations; and autonomic nervous system dysegulation. 

How does this live course differ?

Our team at Shift Concussion has taken some time to reflect on our past courses, the feedback received over the years, and our own day-to-day clinical experiences treating concussion patients. What we’ve learned, is that even though many clinicians feel armed with significantly more concussion knowledge following our courses, it can still feel overwhelming when seeing that new concussion patient in your office. We often get the question: “Where do I go from here?”

In an effort to improve that knowledge transfer into real-time practical clinical skills, we’ve decided to revamp our Level 2 content and offer an alternative, live format for 2023.

These live courses, while still offering important concepts and trends in concussion research, assessment and rehabilitation, will also lean heavily on clinical decision making, case discussion and review, hands-on learning through breakout sessions and mock cases.

So, for those of you who are ready to get out of the online classroom and back into a hands-on learning environment, this course is for you!

*This program is designed to build upon the foundation of the Level 1 concepts and it is required that healthcare providers complete Level 1 "Best Practices in Concussion Management" prior to attending this course stream.*

This in-person and interactive course spans 2.5 days (Fri-Sat 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-1pm). Visit the calendar page for upcoming Live course dates*

March 31-April 2 - Guelph *Enrollment Closed*

May 5-7 - Calgary (Royal Hotel Calgary: 2828 23 Northeast Calgary, AB) *Enrollment Closed*

June 9-11 Guelph (Linamar: 700 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph, ON) *Enrollment Closed*

Sep 29-Oct 1 Guelph (Linamar: 700 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph, ON)

Additional Dates/Locations TBA

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Course Fee

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    $722.50 +HST
    (discounts available for members and return admission)

Course Length

  • 3 Days
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