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* 1) Shift Concussion Management Training: Level 1


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Do you work in the same facility as another Shift Provider? If so, you may be eligible for a 10% discount. Please contact to complete your registration.

1 Student pricing applies only to students in last year of study in relevant healthcare field. Shift may require supporting documentation such as student ID.

2 Note: Practitioners wishing to become a recognized Trained Provider of Shift's Program MUST complete the course in its entirety. Contact us for more information on course agenda.

3 This applies to those who work alongside a Shift Level 1 or Level 2 provider in their clinical setting. We will require their name for verification.

4 Verification of Membership is required


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*Membership Option is informational text only. Cannot formally register for this membership until after successful course completion.


Upon completion of the course in its entirety, Participants have the option of becoming a Member and Recognized Level 1 Trained Provider of the Shift Concussion Management Program. Health Professionals interested in joining Shift's Provider network are required to successfully pass an exam on course concepts at the end of the weekend.

Membership Includes

  • Membership access to Shift's online resources, clinic forms, rehab videos, newsletters, and marketing materials
  • 50% off repeat attendance to future Level 1 Shift Concussion courses
  • Access to Shift Level 1 Provider logo
  • Listing on Shift's “Find a Provider” map
  • Access to Shift's Clinic Support Team
  • An ImPACT account (Immediate Post Concussion and Cognitive Testing). *Test fees apply
  • Access to Physiotec's Shift Concussion Module for home exercise prescription ( - Optional
  • Option to apply for Shift's Level 2 training stream for additional education opportunity

Fees Associated with Membership

Annual Membership Fees

  • $125 + HST for First Year
  • $250 + HST for Subsequent Years
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Note: you will not be charged a membership fee until you have successfully completed the course and exam.