Our full course is geared towards licensed healthcare practitioners (i.e., physiotherapists/physical therapists, athletic therapists/trainers, physicians, occupational therapists, chiropractors, etc.). Day 1 of our training is open to anyone wishing to understand more about the concussion injury and the clinical care pathway needed for rehabilitating the injury. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach and understand that proper concussion management requires a team approach to be truly successful

Best Practices in concussion Management

This course offers a comprehensive overview of evidence-based concussion assessment procedures, rehabilitation methods, baseline testing and return-to-play considerations. We offer concise literature reviews on topics such as acute concussion pathophysiology, post-concussion syndrome, rest and activity post-concussion and offer strategies for building individualized return to learn and return to work programs. We utilize a multidisciplinary speaking panel and offer information geared to rehabilitation and medical professionals regarding best practice management for concussion. This information is applicable for those who work with athletes and sport-related concussion as well as those working with the general population and non-sport-related concussion.

This in-person and interactive course is eligible for most CE credit programs for 17 hours of training.

We recommend all registrants sign up within 4-6 weeks of the course date to ensure your spot is reserved.

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Shift Concussion Management is recognized as being a leader for education on both the assessment and management of concussion and post-concussion syndromes. Our program has become internationally recognized and we're so looking forward to bringing our course to Washington! Our Level 1 course is designed to give Healthcare Professionals and Educators hands-on training and knowledge for the management of not only athletes, but for all individuals who may sustain a concussive injury. We focus on incorporating and encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to provide a consistent and evidence-based clinical care pathway to optimize your patient’s recovery.

We’re so excited to educate you on our unique and integrated approach to concussion management to further help you have better clinical outcomes. Take your assessment skills to the next level – we hope to see you on the inside!

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