Shift Concussion Management is recognized as being a leader for education on both the assessment and management of concussion and post-concussion syndromes. Our program has become internationally recognized and we're so looking forward to bringing our course to Washington! Our Level 1 course is designed to give Healthcare Professionals and Educators hands-on training and knowledge for the management of not only athletes, but for all individuals who may sustain a concussive injury. We focus on incorporating and encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to provide a consistent and evidence-based clinical care pathway to optimize your patient’s recovery.

We’re so excited to educate you on our unique and integrated approach to concussion management to further help you have better clinical outcomes. Take your assessment skills to the next level – we hope to see you on the inside!

Course Fee

All prices in USD
  • $399.00 (Day 1: General)
  • $750.00 (Full Course: General)
  • $275.00 (Day 1: Student)
  • $575.00 (Full Course: Student)
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This education is provided in a 2 and a half day format with the option for our registrants to attend part or all of the training. Those who wish to understand the key concepts surrounding the concussion injury and proper management strategies should consider Day 1. Those who offer concussion rehabilitation within a clinical practice as a primary care provider for those seeking treatment should consider the full course.

The first day of our course:

(Geared towards - educators, school administration, Physicians, rehab professionals, and students)

  • Thorough understanding of concussion injuries and the key physiological considerations
  • Hands-on assessment tools for the systems most commonly affected
  • Understanding of “rest” and the why behind management strategies in the acute phases
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to build effective and individualized return to learn and return to work plans
  • Interactive case reviews to strengthen knowledge and build critical thinking

Full course:

(Geared towards - Physicians and rehab professionals)

Geared towards Health Care Practitioners who are involved in rehabilitation. The second half of the course provides training on how to integrate the affected systems to provide both individualized and effective exercise programs for patients

  • Sideline assessment and key considerations for evaluation tools available to the athletic trainer and therapist
  • Vestibular rehabilitation strategies
  • Oculomotor exercises
  • Unique ways to address perceptual and cognitive training in concussion with a focus on attention and awareness

Training will be taking place at:

Western Washington University, 516 High Street, MS9102, Bellingham, WA 98225
on September 7-9, 2018.