This condensed course is available through our e-learning platform and is directed to allied health professionals, medical physicians, nurses, or others involved in the care of concussion patients wishing to gain more knowledge surrounding the injury. The course provides a compilation of select topics from our Best Practices in Concussion Management course including: acute concussion pathophysiology, post-concussion syndrome, rest and activity post-concussion, and provides strategies for offering individualized return-to-learn and return-to-work advice. The course offers video demonstration of clinical assessment techniques that can be immediately incorporated into clinical practice and provides insight into mental health challenges and optometric considerations post-concussion.

This e-learning course is available for $250 +HST, provides approximately 3.5 hours of content and is available for the duration of 2 full weeks. 

Please note: for allied health professionals working directly with concussion patients in a physical rehabilitation setting (eg. PTs, DCs, OTs, ATs) we recommend enrolling in the Best Practices in Concussion Management full course (e-learning or live versions) rather than this condensed introductory course.

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