Our traditional Level 2 course content is available in e-learning format to offer a more flexible learning experience for busy clinicians.

The Level 2 course stream builds upon Level 1 course concepts and is designed to help medical-rehab professionals navigate the complexities of persistent concussion case management.

The e-learning course version is broken up into 5 sub-sections that can be purchased individually or together as a bundle. (Note that only Healthcare Providers who have completed the Level 2 course stream in its entirety will be considered for our Provider Membership). We recommend that you work through each course section in order (1 to 5).

Level 2: Complex Case Management (E-learning) Stream:

Cervical Evaluation and Management Considerations in Concussion (part 1)

This course section offers an in-depth review of the literature on cervicogenic contributions to concussion symptoms and post-concussion syndrome. The instructors review important clinical tests for the rehab professional’s “toolbox” and offer practical and ready-to-use treatment techniques that we have found effective in this population.

Course Price: $100 + HST = $113.00 / Course Duration: 1Hr, 25 mins

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Exercise and Autonomic Dysregulation (part 2)

Emerging research consistently points to the benefits of sub-symptom threshold aerobic exercise when it comes to concussion recovery. In this course section we review the literature surrounding some of the physiologic changes that occur post-concussion particularly as it relates to dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, and provide strategies to improve clinical outcomes in patients presenting with symptoms of exercise intolerance. Additionally, we review concepts from Level 1 surrounding exertion testing for return to sport and some of the physiologic considerations when re-introducing resistance training in the athletic population.

Course Price: $130 + HST = $146.90 / Course Duration: 1Hr, 45 mins

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Vestibular-Ocular Rehabilitation in Concussion (part 3)

Vestibular and ocular impairment has been shown to present frequently in concussion populations, yet often goes undiagnosed and unmanaged. This course section offers an in-depth review of vestibular and ocular screening/assessment techniques for the medical-rehab professional that goes beyond our Level 1 course concepts. We present the available research on vestibular-oculomotor dysfunction in concussion and post-concussion syndrome and offer advanced rehabilitative strategies to match clinical assessment findings.

Course Price: $410 + HST = $463.30 / Course Duration: 7Hr, 40 mins

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Topics in Complex Case Management (part 4)

This course section tackles some of the most challenging aspects of complex concussion management including posttraumatic headache disorders, mood dysregulation, sleep challenges and cognitive fatigue. It emphasizes the importance of an interdisciplinary team when dealing with these common PCS features.

Course Price: $100 + HST = $113.00 / Course Duration: 1Hr, 29 mins

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Case Discussion and Treatment Applications (part 5)

Last but not least, join in as our team walks through several case examples in discussion format, each providing their own unique input into how best to evaluate and manage the various clinical trajectories identified for these real clinical cases. This last course segment aims to “bring it all together” in a clinically applicable and meaningful way for the online learner.

Course Price: $110 + HST = $124.30 / Course Duration: 2Hr, 13 mins

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Complex Case Management (E-learning) Bundle

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